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Wordstorm: Quick Poem & Art

For the last six months, I've been working with a SCBWI Critique Group as I've taken this journey to become an author/illustrator. It's been such a huge help to have a group of peers on this road together to share resources with and get feedback from! One of my critique buddies, who is a wonderful writer and my twitter guru, suggested we all pick random words last month and create short stories based off some or all of those words. The words were: Moving, Guitar, Boring, Ocean, Imagine, Maybe, Salty. I tried to use them all... I got 5/7 and here is my poem. I also painted the top image to go along with it.

Pablo sat and watched him play,

Fingers moving strings all day,

Filling the courtyard with lovely sound,

With music notes dancing all around.

The guitar sang clear with each string thumbed,

And wept with anger at each chord strummed,

The simplest melody he’d ever heard,

But dense and complex without a word.

He imagined himself joining in for a song,

And playing with the musicians all night long.

With women dancing flamenco in the street,

And coins tossed lovingly at his feet.

He bought a guitar the very same week,

He joined the man but dare not speak,

Pablo watched and plucked in turn

Maybe this is the way he’d learn.

But months went by and turned to years,

Through aggravation and salty tears,

Pablo could not pick up this skill,

Despite his ambition and his will.

But that guitar was just the start,

It made an imprint on his heart,

So with some yellow, blue and red

Pablo painted one instead.

I welcome your thoughts and feedback! Does this have legs for a short story? Maybe even a nonfiction one?

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