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All the Moves of 22

It's been many months of what seems like stagnation in my creativity. I haven't written much, I haven't doodled much. I've been feeling stuck. But in my personal life, it's been anything but that. In fact, our family has moved more than a dozen times this year... and most of it in a matter of three months. We purchased a home in July 2021 and embarked on a gut renovation which ended up taking 10 months, spending most of our savings, facing eviction, storing all our belongings, and lots and lots of moves. We had high ambitions - converting a 100 year old two family home into a single family brownstone feeling home. We packed most of our belongings into a POD and shrunk down all of our necessities to just a few bins and suitcases.

After leaving our apartment of 10 years, we rented a short-term rental for three months in the hopes of our construction being completed. But like most renovation projects of 2022, we were delayed. So we began a mix of AirBNB rentals, family stays, friend apartment swaps, hotel overnights, and crashing on couches. We got into screaming and fighting matches with our contractors and were pleading with inspectors to adjust schedules and get us past our inspections. We finally got through it and made it into our home in August 2022. We got all of our belongings back, settled in and unpacked, and are finally home!

We hosted our first party and especially our Halloween party and are now finished with most of our projects for the coming months. I'm hoping to be able to get back to my writing and drawing now. No excuses.


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