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Halloweensie Entry - Boogie Man's Bright Idea

Thanks to the nudge from our #SCBWI group, I decided to participate in #Halloweensie for the first time. The goal is to write a 100 word story about Halloween featuring three words: Goosebumps, Goody, and Glow-in-the-Dark. Big thanks to our Kind Minds Critique Group for their edits and feedback. And also a bit of a potion doodle.

Boogie Man’s Bright Idea

By Jenn Shetsen Wierda

On Halloween eve, the monsters come out:

Werewolves, vampires and witches about.

How can the Boogie Man hope to compete,

With so many terrible beasts on the street?

He needed a change to make him stand out,

To give children goosebumps without any doubt.

He purchased new fangs to sharpen his bite,

But clumsily swallowed them during the night.

“A hex, a potion, a goody, I’ll buy...

And drink them all up… let’s give that a try.”

But he woke to a change that was drastic and stark,

For now, he brilliantly glowed-in-the-dark.

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