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Meet Me: Jenn

My beginnings:

I'm the child of immigrants who moved to the US about two years before I was born. Growing up, my sole focus was to be a good student, to get the best education possible. English was my second language, but I learned it, through rhyming stories - from brilliant books and TV programming. Rhymes get into your brain, then into your heart, and then live in your soul. Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein play on repeat in my head… sometimes I feel like I'm just living in Whoville.  They were among the first books I read and fell in love with. And they gave me a sense of purpose and justice. And inspired me to one day pick up a pen and write my own.

My Definition:

I'm a busybody - the intersection between organization and beauty. I love personality tests and ice breakers and themed occasions. I take my work seriously, but I never take myself too seriously. My brain is constantly abuzz with what's next.  The next trip, the next thing to bake, the next poem to write, the next doodle to draw, the next thing to clean.  I'm involved in our PTA and our local neighborhood association and love to support other women entrepreneurs and non-profits. I balance my love of order/process and aesthetics with creative endeavors like baking, cooking, crafting, card-making, doodling, and writing poetry. Oh, also Halloween. Very much Halloween.


My Day Job:

I do have a day job, or three. I work in administration for a large network of public charter schools that are mission-aligned with my passion - education for all, free. I am honored to be a part of an anti-racist organization that works to dismantle systems of oppression. In my role, I’ve planned events for thousands of guests, raised tens of millions of dollars partnering with a dynamic fundraising team, and helped the organization grow to educate more than 7,000 children in NJ. I also support the financial operations of First Choice Prep, an in-home tutoring company founded and operated by my husband. And I’m a mom who has now gotten a fair dose of home-schooling.

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