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We did a thing... a Lucian COVID Relocation

It's February and I find myself in Saint Lucia. I'm watching my social feed display images of blizzards and shoveling and hot chocolate. And in the words of the David Byrne: "how did I get here?"

I don't mean to brag as my family and friends are freezing up North. And I definitely acknowledge my privilege in being able to move our family. So much privilege, and a lot of luck too.

We've had a long term nanny ever since my daughter was born. She's helped my husband and I continue our work schedules and has been amazing with our kids. She's from Saint Lucia and has spent a few weeks down here for the holidays over the years. But this year, her travels would mean no childcare for an extended period of time because of necessary quarantine before and after her trip. And then I realized this unique place we are in. EVERY thing is virtual. School. Work. Doctor Appointments. I realized that this is possibly the one and only time our family would be able to relocate and still live our every day lives. I've always dreamed about taking a few months off to live somewhere else and experience another culture as a local. And it seemed like everything was falling into place to make that a reality.

We approached our nanny with the idea and she was very welcome to staying longer in her home country and continuing to work with us while we moved down for a few weeks. There were lots of steps to take and lots and lots of planning. Saint Lucia requires negative CPR tests in advance of entry, written approval from the government to travel and a mandatory 14-day quarantine in a hotel or certified private villa. There would be tons of things to pack, including everything we need for school and work... a car to rent, groceries to get delivered, a plan for our current apartment, traveling with two young children in times of COVID. But after extensive planning and prepping, we made it. And life is a lot more lovely when it's not winter for five months in a two bedroom apartment.

Our weekdays are like regular days - a blend of virtual school and work days. But our evenings feel like the summer - where we can eat outside and go for a swim. The weekends are even better as we can explore the island and be locals, and tourists, at the same time. It's been an absolute dream and I feel so unbelievably lucky to have spent some time elsewhere to experience the local culture, people, and food... and still be safe in the times of COVID. While this disease has been a true tragedy of the greatest proportion, I feel like there will be a small silver lining for our family. We spent a lot of time together, and some if was in a new and beautiful place.

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