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The only thing 2020 seems to be good for...

Well, we've been stuck at home. A lot. And if there is one thing I just can't seem to do well, it's being bored. It's hard for me to sit still. I can probably spend around 20 minutes doing nothing until I explode with energy and need to do something! So I just can't have us leaving this pandemic without having learned a few new skills or tried a few new things.

Early 2020 was pretty basic. I started a starter dough (his name is Doughny Soprano). I pickled and fermented. I regrew scallions and lettuces. I did bean sprout experiments with the kids. I made cheese from milk. I foolishly checked off the days of home schooling. This was all serious homesteading. But then I started thinking bigger. And a rhyming rhythm implanted itself in my brain and I wanted to spread a bigger message - of hope, of working together, of not putting people in the box based on their race, ethnicity, gender, political affiliation. So I started writing and rewriting and writing some more. I shared it with friends and family and took notes and rewrote again. Then I started drawing and doodling. I've always loved writing and art, but it was never a part of my day job. But 2020 gave me time and pause and reflection... and I was able to refocus my energies into my creative talents. I downloaded ProCreate - the best $10 I've spent all of this quarantine. I connected with the writing community, with published authors, and with aspiring ones. I chatted with agents and continued sharing my story.

One step led me to another and now we are here - with a website, that will hopefully share a bit more about me and the many hats I wear and the power of my mighty pen.

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I have so many thoughts running through my mind on the daily. Here is where I write some of those down. I'd love to collaborate with you on a piece! Contact me!

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